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New German Curiosities and Locations


Hirschfeld Gravel Pit Thunderegg with a Geology from the Mügeln Area


Hirschfeld Gravel Pit – a Somewhat Less Familiar Geology


A mystery thunderegg from the Zeithin Gravel Pit, because although we know where it was found, the geology that it originated from remains completely different from all known sources, in spite of various enquiries. One of the mysteries of the gravel pits that make them so interesting.


A rare complete specimen from Ochsendrehe, Saxony


Sermuth thunderegg – a very unusual new location from Saxony, Germany.

Some Controversials

It’s time for the Eibonvale Thunderegg Blog to get controversial!  🙂  Here are two eggs that have sparked mysteries and discussion as I purchased them.

Richardson_unnamed01The first is a bizarre specimen from the Richardson Ranch.  I am told it comes from an area just south of and from a layer just under the Red Bed that has never been named or dug very much. Some people have used the name “Priday Black Bed” or “Black Bart” in association with this, but it seems this is not an official name. Discussion has not raised any alternative to that though. Basically, this is from one of the literally hundreds of pockets of eggs on the Richardson Ranch that have never really been catalogued. The name may have arisen due to the distinctly dark grey exterior of the eggs. In my specimen at least, it is a little darker than the Bed #1, for example.

ochocoredbed03The second is one of a batch of old eggs that turned up on the market recently under the name Ochoco Red Bed, a totally unknown name these days. Possible identities for these include Viewpoint or Yellowjacket – and either could be true. But as there was no resolution to the mystery, and as there seems something distinct about these in my limited experience, I will publish them on the gallery with their original tags for now.  See the others here.