So after all this time, I finally manage to get some proper shelves put up for my most precious individual thunderegg locations.  Just cheap shelving but what can you do?  These are my shelves of the rare Gottlob thundereggs from Germany, which as anyone who knows me will know, I have been chasing and obsessing over very hard for years!  And if there’s one thing harder than photographing a Gottlob thunderegg it’s photographing two shelves of the things!

I somehow never realized just what a larger collection of these I had managed to gather until I finally managed to get them all in one place!  It feels good!  Still need to sort things out though – could really use some light on them and some proper risers and stands etc.

I just wonder how long things will remain this tidy though . . .

Hopefully some new locations will be going onto the gallery soon as well.  I have plenty lined up here waiting to be published!