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Yet Another Lierbachtal – But a Decidedly Strange One


I was planning to give you a rest from Lierbachtal thundereggs, honest!  But I just cut this today and I couldn’t resist sharing it, it is such a strange one.  I have NO IDEA what is going on inside it!  Lierbachtals are a weird stone that often leaves me confused, but in this case that massive curved stream of orange stretching right across the core takes it to a new level still.  Lierbachtals are relatively prone to pseudomorphs and that is definitely involved here in this stone, but more than that, I am honestly not sure.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  It looks like – I dunno, a tendon or something!

If anyone has some interesting info on how these insane structures formed, I would be very interested to hear it!

Edit: Here’s the other half!

Lierbachtal Pseudomorph

To Keep you Going: A Zwickau Planitz Thunderegg with Faint Amethyst

Zwickau Planitz Thunderegg with Faint AmethystJust a quick update here to share what I consider a really nice specimen of one of the less well known German locations – Zwickau Planitz.  The somber colours of these stones have always appealed to me, and this one especially thanks to its faint wash of amethyst.  I was hoping to get more of these, maybe offering some for sale, but so far I have not had much luck.

Zwickau Planitz is an interesting location – a sort of quiet and shy sibling of the famous St Egidien stones.  I am very pleased to add this one new specimen to the gallery as it forms a nice companion for the mysterious old yonic specimen that I have had for so many years – see below.

Yonic Zwickau Planitz Thunderegg