I must admit, there are a few locations in Germany that I have  called ‘ugly’ in the past – Albaum, for instance, which seems a dreary flawed soup of brownish agate in an anonymous matrix – about as unexciting a thunderegg as you could ever hope to (not) find . . . but that has to be said with an awareness of my strong tendency to support the underdog.  Locations that are perfect – or rather a little bit closer to perfection – tend to bore me.  Locations like Albaum itch!  I want to find more – give them the chance to show what they can do – get to know them . . . and then, eventually, they always do.

The following is a little Albaum thunderegg that I polished just today.  Still a bit flawed but very cute, with a good shape to it.  The agate is edged in deep dusky pink moss.

albaum01This single specimen represents the only Albaum I have yet found that I would call a ‘nice’ stone – but it has fired me up to see more of them.  Hopefully my quest will eventually get deeper into the heart of this quiet little rock.

Another location I often thought of as ugly is Altersbach – a generally random rip in a uniform granular matrix, with amorphous blobs of red like dodgy fungal growths inside it.  No shape – no flow – no elegance . . . I never even bothered to get one in the flesh to be honest.

Altersbach01Until now . . . Altersbach03These two stones strike me as stunning, especially in the complex details.  And they leave me muttering darkly about ebay scraps.  The moral of this story is that one should never give up on anything – and if a location frustrates you, then this only means you need to look harder!

One last stone here, and this is a taster for the future.  This is a Wingeshausen thunderegg – a location so obscure that I had never even heard of it until a contact suddenly came up with some.  Actually that should be locationS, since I have specimens from 4 beds awaiting polishing.

Thunderegg488The curious thing about these stones is that the cores are usually far removed from straightforward agate.  Some are laced with iron and other minerals beyond my basic skills to analyse.  I will work on these over the next few days/weeks and then there  will be a proper update on the gallery outlining the different beds.  That’s my next task . . . one of them anyway!