Donnybrook is an old classic – famous and beloved for its magnificent green matrix.  I was recently able to get a bag of uncut specimens to play with, which was a fantastic experience!  Working with these is like polishing the best olives ever grown.  There are several of these on my gallery, but the following is one of the new ones – a beautiful cold green in colour.

The next stone showed a rather bizarre fuzzy nature – as though the stone developed a soft mineral growth before entombing it forever in agate.  This one also has a much yellower colour to it.

The nice thing about Donnybrooks is that even the duds can be pretty beautiful!  The following caught me by surprise.  There is not much of the thunderegg about this, though there is a tiny agate core on the left side of the rock.  This is a mix of matrix and surrounding material filled with striking parallel lines.  Red flecks of Cinnabar complete it.

And lastly, a curiosity.  Not the greatest thunderegg ever but proof that Donnybrooks are not always just green!  This is the only time I have ever encountered a RED donnybrook.

Click here for more Donnybrook stones on the main gallery.

However, just recently, a new thunderegg bed has surfaced just a short distance away from Donnybrook.  Discovered by Dutchman Ed Pieters, who named it Dutch Donny, these stones have been causing a bit of a stir lately.  Compared to Donnybrook, they are surprisingly different considering that they are just down the hill – washed through with brown and red and yellow and exquisite flow-banding, they have a sweet pretty nature that is very different to the classic powerful green of the Donnybrooks.  Warmer, gentler and more immediately approachable.

Lastly, here is a larger and more complex Dutch Donny thunderegg – a triple basically and quite feature-rich.

At any rate – the Dutch Donny stones seem set to become a classic, just like it’s near neighbour.

The Dutch Donny stones is just one of the many updates awaiting attention on the main gallery.  Have patience folks!  I will get to that soon!