In the middle-distant future, I need to do a proper showcase of German Amethyst thundereggs.  Several locations there are highly prone to it, and one of these is Gottlob.  I have another batch of 3 or 4 of these amethyst specimens on their way to me at the moment, which is very exciting.  Gottlob (trans: “Praise Gawd!!”) is a location I have done a lot of work with and am only getting more and more interested in the more I see of it.

As a taster and a one-off specimen of interest, here’s one that is just hot off the polishing machine today and headed straight for my own shelves – possibly the best Gottlob I have seen yet.  Nice cloudy agate surrounding a small light amethyst geode.  As I have said before, these German locations may be ancient and battered looking sometimes, with flaws and decay – but they still seem to possess an earthy magnificence about them that I find irresistible.