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Rare Agareless Giant from Gold Basin, California

goldbasin04Not a new location, but this 23cm monster has been hanging around for a while awaiting polishing – and here it is.  This is an unusual Californian location that i have yet to see any agate in.  Instead the cores are complex blends of crystal and minerals of various kinds.  I also took some detail shots as the stone is so big and busy.  You can see the other smaller Gold Basin thundereggs here.

goldbasin04detail3 goldbasin04detail2 goldbasin04detail1

Californian Beauty – Wiley Well and Turkeytail

Sometimes it seems to me that the Californian stones are among the most beautiful thundereggs to be found anywhere.  It is a shame though that classifying them is so problematic.  Both Wiley Well and Hauser are often dumping grounds for specimens with very little classification. Unless a really distinct tag is provided – preferably by someone who actually found the stone – then one can never really be sure what we are dealing with here. I have finally got round to getting some specimens with a Wiley Well tag up onto the gallery, but this must come with a caveat of uncertainty.

More importantly though, these are some of the loveliest thundereggs to go up on the gallery in a long time, in my opinion!

wiley02 wiley03 wiley04


Accompanying that is a specimen with a much more detailed classification.  The Turkeytail bed is a specific and relatively newly discovered location named after the complex feather-like structures in the matrix.

Turkeytail 02