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New Kazakhstan Location – Balkhash Lake


Two big stones from an extremely rare location have now been uploaded onto the gallery – Balkhash Lake.  Most people’s experience of Kazakhstan begins and ends with the famous Maiskoje, so I was quite surprised to run across this new one.  These stones have been hanging around for a while because the polish on them was so bad that I wanted to redo it . . . only to find myself continually unable to find the time!  So here they are, with a little touching up in Photoshop instead.


New Bulgarian Location – Rhodope Mountains


A spectacular new edition to the gallery in the form of a massive Rhodope Mountains specimen.  These stones are usually incomplete due to the hard rock they are found in – this is an exceptionally intact one.

Click here to see the only other Bulgarian stone I possess: Orphei, which is in all probability not a thunderegg, but still a very interesting stone.

Dumbrava Update

Just for old time’s sake, here’s my old and beloved Dumbrava thunderegg again:


I always thought this was a superb location, with is beautiful blend of clear agate pools and bright colours.  Now I am very happy to add two more to the set.

ClujNapoca03 ClujNapoca02