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Sokolwiecz Again


It’s not so long since I last updated these, but I had to share this specimen.  The location, always a tricky one to find in any quality, is really highlighted by this beautiful thunderegg.  Click here to see the other specimens on the gallery.

Some More Polish Rock Porn – And Something More Unusual.

I have just uploaded some interesting new specimens from Poland to the gallery – some of the greatest Thunderegg locations in the world!


This beautiful specimen is from the closed Nowy Kościół sub-location Wrzynka – one of the few specimens I actually have a bed name for. More striking is the very unusual matrix colour.  This is not typical of Wrzynka, or any other sub-location that I am aware of and the ghostly white gives it a very special feeling indeed.


Another Nowy Kościół specimen with a known sub-location – simply described as “The Wood on the Mountain“.  As you can see, a complex specimen with a much more familiar matrix.


Next up is something rather more unusual. This one is from the Owczarnia Hills, not far away from Sokolwiecz – presumably a wholly new location to me, which is exciting given how few locations Poland seems to possess.


And lastly, talking of Sokolwiecz, here is one – a substantial upgrade of the location and a fine example of the rich dark colours the area produces.

Lurking somewhere in my boxes is an excellent Gozdno specimen as well, still awaiting polishing.  Keep an eye out for that!

A Brief Wallow in Polish Nowy Kościółs … Again.

It’s a big page on the gallery – but if ever a location deserved a big page, it’s this one.  Here’s a few new images and details.