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Two Californian Tilt Eggs

Tilt thundereggs, where the horizontal bands in some agate are oriented in different directions due to the stone moving in the ground, are one of the most interesting features you can fine.  Here are two specimens showing various degrees of tilt.

Turkeytail 03

TurkeyTail Bed thunderegg. In this stone, the tilt has ‘crept’ – slowly moving and laying down bands of agate in a fan structure.


Unknown location – Possibly Middle Hauser or Potato Patch West. This one shows some dramatic events that have shattered the agate and left it to ‘freeze’ again inside a new material laid down at about 30 degrees to the original. Other half below.


WM13 Again and a Strange Intrusion

Two new specimens from the beautiful and relatively newly discovered WM13 location, Crook county, Oregon.  One is almost filled with lively yellow mineralisation.  The other shows an intrusion of perlite from outside the thunderegg, bursting in at one seam with what looks almost like aggression. Note the way the intrusion is framed with crumbs of fragmented matrix.



Miscellaneous Updates – New German Specimens

Several eggs are creeping onto the gallery in various places, so it’s a chance to share a few pictures.  No new locations this time – these are interesting specimen pieces that have comes along.

First up – two lierbachtals, the first from the quarry (Steinbruch Hauskopf) with some amazing banding, and the second a dark and sombre egg from the rarely seen Ofersbach location:


The location Mönchstal has seen a huge update, which is exciting because it reveals more about a very distinctive location.  Here’s a few of them:


And finally, a small update of my old favorite, Gottlob, including one specimen that may just be the most flawed thunderegg i have seen from here.  All Gottlob Thundereggs have flaws, but this one is something else entirely. It has been totally pulverized – disintegrated – mashed – pureed, creating what is actually quite a unique-looking specimen. The flaws almost shimmer. Polishing this one definitely proves the value of resin. The surface is miraculously smooth in spite of all.




Intermezzo: Let’s Hear it for Tiny Thundereggs

DSCN2173Let’s hear it for tiny thundereggs! They deserve more attention.  Size: 1.7cm  Oh and it’s a Teufelskanzel / Devil’s Pulpit.


Green Updates – Killer Green, Donnybrook


I have been updating the gallery recently after a period of quiet.  The gallery of Killer Green thundereggs, one of the world’s finest green thundereggs, has been rejigged with several new specimens, including some spectacular amethyst ones, like the above.  Also a beautiful new specimen with rough mineral streamers:


I also took a re-scan of one of my favorite stones of all time.  I have had this one for years but now hopefully managed to capture the colours a bit better.  The amethyst here is little more than a smudge, but it forms a very striking and colourful whole.



See the full gallery here.

Donnybrook thundereggs have also seen a small update, mostly with rather more quirky specimens, such as this one that seems to contain a very odd little creature:

Donnybrook 09

I presume this is a slightly pillowy agate formation that threw out a white band (as common here) that just happened to connect and close off in precisely the right place.  Still it forms a bizarre little structure that is unique in my experience.  I also have the following small ‘fuzzy’ specimen with a texture that looks almost like toweling.  Also not so unusual here but a very quirky stone.  These are among the last of the Donnybrooks from the batch I cut a while back.

Donnybrook 13


See the full gallery here.

More updates soon I hope, including some unusual new locations!




New Gottlob Thunderegg with Amethyst

In the middle-distant future, I need to do a proper showcase of German Amethyst thundereggs.  Several locations there are highly prone to it, and one of these is Gottlob.  I have another batch of 3 or 4 of these amethyst specimens on their way to me at the moment, which is very exciting.  Gottlob (trans: “Praise Gawd!!”) is a location I have done a lot of work with and am only getting more and more interested in the more I see of it.

As a taster and a one-off specimen of interest, here’s one that is just hot off the polishing machine today and headed straight for my own shelves – possibly the best Gottlob I have seen yet.  Nice cloudy agate surrounding a small light amethyst geode.  As I have said before, these German locations may be ancient and battered looking sometimes, with flaws and decay – but they still seem to possess an earthy magnificence about them that I find irresistible.