A few new specimens on the Eddy Bed gallery.


An interesting specimen with tilt lines. The main tilt takes place towards the top, but there is also some very very slight tilt going on lower down, which is only really visible if you place a horizontal line against the image. Note that the crack in this one seems to end precisely on the point where the main tilt starts – though there do seem to be some faint marks in the agate above it, which I am not really sure about. Angling the stone against the light reveals that the visible flaw in the surface stops precisely on the boundary between the main waterlines and the white sliver that starts the tilted lines. Does this suggest that whatever geological event tilted the egg in the ground also caused that crack? See the detail shot below.


Detail shot of the above specimen.


A larger specimen of 11.5cm


A specimen substantially filled by an intruding rubble pile.