This is by way of being an image dump of new locations and specimens that I have uploaded to the gallery recently.  I have been working to catch up with some of the odd specimens that I have hanging around waiting for processing – including some new locations and some interesting specimens of existing ones.

First up, Richardson Ranch Flatbed Richardson Ranch Flatbed has a handful of new specimens, giving a better idea of the location.

White River, Washington, has also been updated, including one highly unusual and a-typical pale specimen that came with the tag.  As yet, nobody has been able to recognise or confirm this one, so all I have is the tag!

Some interesting new McDermitts from various locations – the most interesting being the first one, which is an Upper Bed Float Thunderegg.  Following that here are two Boxcar #1 specimens and a Bed 79.

Above are some Jefferson County specimens.  The first is a supremely rare Brown Ranch egg – from a long closed location.  The second is a Brogan Ranch egg.  The third is actually a Hay Creek egg, demonstrating that the geology of the Richardson Ranch continues under the fence, showing a very distinct Kennedy-like appearance.  The last one is a Richardson Ranch Bed #1 specimen – a bit of an upgrade on what was there before!


Warm Springs is at last represented on the gallery – including both Happy Valley and Mutton Mountain.  Click through to see more of these.


And finally, perhaps best of all, a Paul’s Bed specimen from Nevada – a much larger and rarer cousin of the Contact Thundernuts.

More soon I hope!