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New Location – Rimrock, Washington State


As strange and ghostly a specimen as I have ever seen – this is a Rimrock thunderegg.  I cant tell you that much about it unfortunately, save that it is an exciting new location for the gallery.

Bear Mountain Beauty


Bear Mountain, New Mexico is not a new location on the gallery, but this is the first time I have managed to track down specimens of any real quality that demonstrate what the location is capable of.  These two specimens demonstrate some interesting, not to say beautiful mineral growths and some nice mocha coloured agate.  Click here to visit the New Mexico gallery.bearmountain02

New Country, New Location – Ugam River, Uzbekistan

ugam01This beauty is one of the most obscure new locations to come along in a while – the Ugam River, Uzbekistan.  I don’t know much about it save that it is from the Taskent region and I did hear that the location has been lost in a border/military zone, which has to be the most miserable fate to befall any thunderegg location!  This is the only specimen I have, but it is now launched on the gallery.

The Lesbian (Ok, Lesbos!) Thunderegg

lesbos01I am sure a certain mindset would have no trouble finding all sorts of jokes about this new location – and I also suspect my blog will be turning up in some interesting search results now – but all that pales against the fact that I have just launched a gallery of one of the most exciting new locations to come along in a while and a brand new country.  Thundereggs from the Greek Isle of Lesbos.  These are extraordinary stones – superficially drab but very complex and interesting when you get to know them.

Characterised by off-centre cores and stormy grey chalcedony, these produce some of the best close-up shots I have seen in a while.  I have shared one of these before on the blog here and they have been all over my facebook page, but now I am finally launching the formal gallery of them with the whole specimens.

Click here to take a look:

Here are some of the close-up detail shots, to give you an idea of the worlds that reside within these wonderful rocks:

lesbos01detail4 lesbos01detail3 lesbos01detail2 lesbos01detail1