Thunderegg36 sm

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These are Kopfchen thundereggs. With a few exceptions, the first batch of Kopfchens I got were somewhat on the scrappy side – tail end of a stock I think. So much so that I quickly labelled them one of the ugliest thundereggs in the world!  But I was very pleased to get a second chance with them just today. Of course, they are still almost always EXTREMELY rough and a deeply flawed thunderegg – they must have been through some dramatic stress even by the standards of German stones to end up quite this beat up. I suppose if you can’t stand cracks you won’t stand Kopfchens – but hey, I think they have an aesthetic and a character and a lot of nice colours to them, so maybe not so ugly now, right?

There will be more of these as I slowly polish through the stock – and yes, some will be for sale or swap.