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Esterel La Vigne – One of the Greatest Thundereggs in the World

Esterel La Vigne Thundereggs is an extraordinary location of usually small but exquisitely structured and colored specimens.  It’s a location I really focus on, and every so often, I add another to the gallery.  Here are a few more of them:


Two Cores – Two Flames


A beautiful Blend of Green and Lilac


A Massive (For Here) and Flaming Double Specimen


An Unusually Large specimen for the Location at 9cm

You can see plenty more of these, as well as detail shots, on the gallery page here:

And finally a specimen from the much rarer cousin location Plateau de Grane:



New German Specimens

A run-down of some new specimens recently uploaded to the gallery.


Rötelsteinpfad am Güdesweiler Thunderegg – an unusually large specimen for a location that is very often incomplete and damaged. 


Kniebreche – a super-rare location, unfortunately given how beautiful they can be. 


Another Kniebreche specimen.

New Location: Ravensberg Mountain

Located near Bad Sachsa, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) – a state that provides very few thundereggs compared to some of the others. These are a distinctive location, with beautiful flowbanding and thin bands of sometimes vivid red agate. I have now added a page of them on the gallery, and here are some of the best ones.