Several eggs are creeping onto the gallery in various places, so it’s a chance to share a few pictures.  No new locations this time – these are interesting specimen pieces that have comes along.

First up – two lierbachtals, the first from the quarry (Steinbruch Hauskopf) with some amazing banding, and the second a dark and sombre egg from the rarely seen Ofersbach location:


The location Mönchstal has seen a huge update, which is exciting because it reveals more about a very distinctive location.  Here’s a few of them:


And finally, a small update of my old favorite, Gottlob, including one specimen that may just be the most flawed thunderegg i have seen from here.  All Gottlob Thundereggs have flaws, but this one is something else entirely. It has been totally pulverized – disintegrated – mashed – pureed, creating what is actually quite a unique-looking specimen. The flaws almost shimmer. Polishing this one definitely proves the value of resin. The surface is miraculously smooth in spite of all.