There will be more updates on the gallery soon I promise!  in the mean time, here is another of those ‘ordnary’ beach pebbles to keep you going – just a stone picked up on a stroll and cut and polished.

Samphire Hoe Geode

This fellow came from Samphire Hoe, near Dover, Kent – though i have no idea whether it came out of the cliffs there, was washed up from further away or was even brought there artificially as part of the construction there (just imagine – a channel tunnel geode!) !

For a seemingly simple beach pebble, it proved almost ridiculously complicated.  As far as I can tell, it is actually a muddled chalcedony/flint geode with quartz crystals, inclusions, very subtle lacy banding in places and flecks of Pyrite, of all things.  You can’t see them very clearly in this scan (there’s some in that little dark area to the lower right of the cave), but catch the light and they flash very vividly.