Killer Green is one of the best known of the Oregon locations and one of the best known of the world’s green thundereggs.  It is justly famous and well-loved for its amiable blend of light green and grey and crystal etc.  But very recently (2012) it has been discovered that Killer Green has a dark twin.  These come from a secret location not so far from Killer Green itself (in the Harvey Gap region), and are known only as NJ1.  This new thunderegg is very similar to KG in some ways but has a depth and richness that is totally new.  Here, the greens are darker, the patterns deeper and more complicated – it’s a powerful mix and promises to be a major new discovery.



I managed to get a sack of rough specimens and have recently been cutting them.  The quality rate is a little on the low side, but still well worth it and producing exciting results.  Here are some examples and in time more will be polished  and loaded onto the gallery.  The stones are actually quite varied – more so than KG – ranging from deep green to greens so dark they are almost black, then sometimes moving into shades of brown and unexpected patterning.


There’s a few more currently on the gallery as well, and look out for more as I work  through my stock.