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Colourful Heuberg Thunderegg

Heuberg03A small update to the Heuberg page of the gallery included this rather lovely and very colourful specimen!

Massive Felsenschlag Update

Felsenschlag 28

Specimen with Amethyst

As the title suggests, I have finally got round to launching a massive update of Germany’s greatest thunderegg location.  A lot of these stones have passed through my hands, and quite a few have stayed there, so this is now one of the more substantial pages on the gallery – and some of the new ones are exceptional.  Here is a quick run-down of some of the best, or you can click here to see the full gallery of these wonderful thundereggs.

Felsenschlag 25

Unusual brown agate specimen

Felsenschlag 24

Ultra-complex specimen!

Felsenschlag 21

Another complex specimen

Felsenschlag 14

Specimen with a spectacular healed crack.

Lydd Flint (Is Changing)


A non-thunderegg for you today and a rather exceptional one that i happened to find myself on the beach at Lydd, Kent.  With most of my material coming from the USA or Germany etc., that’s not as common as it should be.  This is an exceptional beach pebble that has just been added to the gallery of such pebbles – almost entirely given over to layers of Chalcedony and what looks very close to mineral moss. That humble beach flints can rise to such wonders is still surprising for me, in spite of my previous find at Samphire Hoe.

Most unusual though is that since polishing, this stone has been changing.  Very slightly and slowly.  The milky colours that have picked out the bubbly pattern in the rock just weren’t there 8 months ago.  That took me by surprise a bit since I am not used to rocks changing! They are supposed to be permanent – in human terms at least! In this case, if anything, it has improved it – but it makes me wonder what will happen in the future though.  I am going to have to research this to see how i can keep it at it’s best.

Click here to see the rest of my small gallery of beach pebbles.

New Location – Muggins Mountain, Arizona – Plume Agate


I don’t know much about this location save that it is rare and often incomplete.  It is a stunning one though – an exceptional matrix and rich moss and plume in the core.


New Kazakhstan Location – Balkhash Lake


Two big stones from an extremely rare location have now been uploaded onto the gallery – Balkhash Lake.  Most people’s experience of Kazakhstan begins and ends with the famous Maiskoje, so I was quite surprised to run across this new one.  These stones have been hanging around for a while because the polish on them was so bad that I wanted to redo it . . . only to find myself continually unable to find the time!  So here they are, with a little touching up in Photoshop instead.


New Bulgarian Location – Rhodope Mountains


A spectacular new edition to the gallery in the form of a massive Rhodope Mountains specimen.  These stones are usually incomplete due to the hard rock they are found in – this is an exceptionally intact one.

Click here to see the only other Bulgarian stone I possess: Orphei, which is in all probability not a thunderegg, but still a very interesting stone.

Dumbrava Update

Just for old time’s sake, here’s my old and beloved Dumbrava thunderegg again:


I always thought this was a superb location, with is beautiful blend of clear agate pools and bright colours.  Now I am very happy to add two more to the set.

ClujNapoca03 ClujNapoca02