Gawd it is hard to keep so many strings playing!  I am trying to do so many things that the thunderegg galleries all too often end up neglected.  And it will still be a while before i can turn my attention to the main gallery and sort everything out there.  However, i wanted to keep things going with a quick update about new specimens that have arrived recently from Germany. Including some quite unusual ones and some new and very different locations.


First up, something familiar but a little different. This is a Spießberg, one of my personal favorite locations. Most Spießbergs are not more than about 5cm or so - but this is what happens when a Spießberg decides to grow a little larger. Note the mineralization surrounding the white agate, which I haven't seen before.


And here’s something rather different for Germany – and i am actually really taken with this one. This is a specimen from Arlesberg with a gorgeous free-form chaos. I am told it is young porphyry. This is a location i want to see more of.
'New Bed' near Rhula

This is a tiny but very cute specimen from a secret location near Rhula.

Schmücke Green

And this is just weird! It is a Schmücke, a near neighbor to the famous Felsenschlag. I have published some Schmücke before, but nothing like this. Instead of the usual banded agate, we have a solid core of matte dirty green jasper. I have seen small flecks of green jasper before in German stones (mostly from Saxony) but never anything like this.

New Hole near Heuberg

A new hole near Heuberg (that's all the info i have) yielded this lovely little stone - i have to say this is just the sort of thunderegg i love most - simple, subtle coloured and beautifully shaped.


And lastly, something really impressive (i think!). I first encountered the 'Left Side' Baumgartental thundereggs quite recently with a small specimen on the gallery - but here now is a stone of an altogether different league. This is a 16cm monster - colourful, dramatic and lovely, both at a distance and closeup. There is definitely a magic about the Baumgartentals of both 'sides' - there's a few more in the box i received and i look forward to polishing them!

So there you have it.  I have more of these awaiting polishing, including several more locations new to the gallery, and some sales among them too.  I will post some more on here when i get the chance.  And, as i said, please bear with me until i get to updating the main gallery and shop!  I will get there in the end.