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The Green and the Grey (And the Light Brown)

Two classic Crook County locations have received an update on the gallery – Killer Green and Fallen Tree.  Both are powerful examples of understatement – fairly quiet, usually without any fantastically elaborate agate going on, but also extremely beautiful.  Below are a few of the new specimens, starting with Killer Green.


Sometimes the simple just wows. This is a very simple specimen with gentle grey agate surrounded by green – but what a beauty!


Colours other than the basic green and grey are quite rare here. This one has a layer of dusky purple opal, which also makes this quite unusual.


Another one with unusual features – a very complex core with green tubes, complex white textures and an opal floor visible through clear quartz.


An unusually dark specimen with hints of red-brown around beautiful grey agate.

And some Fallen Trees:


A specimen with quartz (with negative crystal casts) floating in clear agate.


A complex moss specimen.  The crack leads to a negative crystal cast


A zeolite specimen.  I am told that the zeolite specimens from Fallen Tree are rather looked down upon in some quarters, and they are often discarded and left unpolished. I suppose if you get the same thing over and over then maybe, but this one at least seems a beauty to me! The zeolite is probably clinoptiloite.


And lastly a delicate green-tinged specimen

The White Ghosts of the Kaolin Mines (Again)

Querbitzsch Thunderegg

I am totally besotted with Querbitzsch thundereggs.  I really think that when they are at their best, they are among the most beautiful in the world – and much of the time they don’t have anything that can be called ‘agate’ at all. They are just magical! White ghosts of the Kaolin pits …

There will be more of these.