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Update to the Wonderful Querbitzsch Thundereggs

Some more specimens from what is becoming a personal favourite location – and unquestionably one of the most unusual locations in the world.  Querbitzsch!  The colours and patterns and structures possible here are just phenomenal. Here are some more specimens.

And click here to view the entire gallery of these wonderful stones.

Two Californian Tilt Eggs

Tilt thundereggs, where the horizontal bands in some agate are oriented in different directions due to the stone moving in the ground, are one of the most interesting features you can fine.  Here are two specimens showing various degrees of tilt.

Turkeytail 03

TurkeyTail Bed thunderegg. In this stone, the tilt has ‘crept’ – slowly moving and laying down bands of agate in a fan structure.


Unknown location – Possibly Middle Hauser or Potato Patch West. This one shows some dramatic events that have shattered the agate and left it to ‘freeze’ again inside a new material laid down at about 30 degrees to the original. Other half below.


Some New Köpfchen Thundereggs

Some more specimens from one of my favourite locations, showing off the warm colours and interesting structures that you can find here.


The last specimen is especially interesting since it has a healed/filled crack at the bottom right, which seems to have led to an inflow of debris that has become bound up in the waterlines.  Click here to visit the full gallery of these stones.