I’m getting behind again!  A lot of interesting new locations are queuing up for attention.  Here’s one of the most exciting though to be going on with – Gonabad!  These are found about 10km  north-west of Gonabad city, Khorassan-e-Razavi province, East Iran.  This is probably the most interesting and ‘exotic’ new location to have come along in a while.  They are simple stones, with a really pleasing gentle brown matrix, often with a lovely flowbanding.  The cores are mostly quartz but there is a liberal sprinkling of other stuff going on to keep things interesting.  They are often framed by a quiet cloud agate, sometimes with hints of orange and red.  Calcite is also common, sometimes fine honey-coloured dogs tooth and sometimes stranger, more decayed stuff.  In the flesh they have a nice clean feel – the quartz is sparkling and fresh.  All in all, a very attractive stone in a quiet and subtle way.

Gonabad 01sm


After a little initial worry, posting them from Iran proved no problem whatsoever, though a little on the costly side.  I am just glad I live in the UK though – the seller happened to mention that to get parcels to the US would cost an almost unbelievable $70 per kilo.  Exactly why this should be I don’t know, and maybe don’t WANT to know for the sake of my grey hairs . . . thunderegg365sm

At any rate – I am absolutely delighted with these and with the whole transaction.  The seller, http://iranian-agates.freeservers.com/, was great to work with.  I am slowly but surely increasing my exploration of thundereggs as a global phenomenon, not just following the most predictable channels (US and Germany!).  That is what I like to do in this business above anything I sometimes think, and I look forward to pushing yet further around the world.