Some Controversials

It’s time for the Eibonvale Thunderegg Blog to get controversial!  🙂  Here are two eggs that have sparked mysteries and discussion as I purchased them.

Richardson_unnamed01The first is a bizarre specimen from the Richardson Ranch.  I am told it comes from an area just south of and from a layer just under the Red Bed that has never been named or dug very much. Some people have used the name “Priday Black Bed” or “Black Bart” in association with this, but it seems this is not an official name. Discussion has not raised any alternative to that though. Basically, this is from one of the literally hundreds of pockets of eggs on the Richardson Ranch that have never really been catalogued. The name may have arisen due to the distinctly dark grey exterior of the eggs. In my specimen at least, it is a little darker than the Bed #1, for example.

ochocoredbed03The second is one of a batch of old eggs that turned up on the market recently under the name Ochoco Red Bed, a totally unknown name these days. Possible identities for these include Viewpoint or Yellowjacket – and either could be true. But as there was no resolution to the mystery, and as there seems something distinct about these in my limited experience, I will publish them on the gallery with their original tags for now.  See the others here.


The Rarely Seen Wild Iris Upper Level Thundereggs

Wild Iris Upper Level Thunderegg

Wild Iris Upper Level Thunderegg

I have managed to upload to the gallery a single specimen of the much less common Wild Iris Upper Level.  These are significantly different to the specimens from the lower level, which are becoming quite familiar now, in spite of being found very close indeed in the bizarre rock formation where these originate.  The matrix in particular is very distinct.

Click here to see the full large gallery of Lower Level specimens for comparison.

Eddy Bed Additions

Some very nice new Eddy Bed thundereggs have been uploaded.  Here’s some highlights!

eddybed05 eddybed06 eddybed08 eddybed09

Killer Green ‘New Hole’ Specimen – a New Milky White Agate.

killergreen14An interesting specimen from a new hole opened up at Killer Green by Ed Pieters in 2014. This bright milky agate seems localised to this new hole so far. Although it certainly doesn’t merit a new name or anything, it is an interesting example of how beds can change and how small areas within beds can have their own distinct features.

Cherry Creek

cherrycreek02This new(ish) discovery by Jason Hinkle is not a new location on the gallery, but this specimen is a decided improvement on the little scrap that has been on there.  The matrix on these is just exquisite – one of the loveliest in Oregon, in my opinion.

The Yellow Flapjacks – Cougar Trap and Wilson Creek Road

Wilson Creep Road Thunderegg

Wilson Creek Road Thunderegg

An update presenting two out of three closely related locations in the Ashwood area, Oregon.  Cougar Trap has been on the gallery for a while, but only a low-quality specimen. This has been replaced with three new ones, and they have been joined by Wilson Creek Road from the other side of the hill.

Cougar Trap Thunderegg

Cougar Trap Thunderegg

I am still missing Hole in the Wall – but maybe one day i will fix that!

An Appreciative Article on Thundereggs

I am very pleased to have had a small article on thundereggs published on a friend’s blog. It’s not very technical, more of an appreciation – so if you wonder just what these things are that I collect and want to see some hopefully approachable info about them, then click the image and have a read!

Click the image to have a read!

Click the image to have a read!