New Country, New Location – Ugam River, Uzbekistan

ugam01This beauty is one of the most obscure new locations to come along in a while – the Ugam River, Uzbekistan.  I don’t know much about it save that it is from the Taskent region and I did hear that the location has been lost in a border/military zone, which has to be the most miserable fate to befall any thunderegg location!  This is the only specimen I have, but it is now launched on the gallery.

The Lesbian (Ok, Lesbos!) Thunderegg

lesbos01I am sure a certain mindset would have no trouble finding all sorts of jokes about this new location – and I also suspect my blog will be turning up in some interesting search results now – but all that pales against the fact that I have just launched a gallery of one of the most exciting new locations to come along in a while and a brand new country.  Thundereggs from the Greek Isle of Lesbos.  These are extraordinary stones – superficially drab but very complex and interesting when you get to know them.

Characterised by off-centre cores and stormy grey chalcedony, these produce some of the best close-up shots I have seen in a while.  I have shared one of these before on the blog here and they have been all over my facebook page, but now I am finally launching the formal gallery of them with the whole specimens.

Click here to take a look:

Here are some of the close-up detail shots, to give you an idea of the worlds that reside within these wonderful rocks:

lesbos01detail4 lesbos01detail3 lesbos01detail2 lesbos01detail1


The Top Köpfchen and a Gallery Update


This is probably the top Köpfchen thunderegg that I have been lucky enough to find in my current work with the location – and to celebrate I have launched an update of the Köpfchen page on the Eibonvale Gallery.  In addition, I have recently treated myself to a basic digital microscope, so these are the first thundereggs to be accompanied by some really close-up details.  I attach a few of the best ones (from various stones) here below.

Click here to visit the Köpfchen page on the Eibonvale Gallery.  I hope to start getting some more updates online soon.  There are plenty of interesting new locations awaiting attention.

13053113194363936091305291913091421484 1305291914271498750 1305311317486278343



Kopfchens, the Sequel – Continuing to Raise their Ugly Head


Very complex specimen with Pseudomorphs


Simple specimen with agate banding


Rough and ready with massive crystal growth.


Barite geode!

Kopfchens – Stressed and Shattered, but not so Ugly, Right?

Thunderegg36 sm

Click the image for a larger version.

These are Kopfchen thundereggs. With a few exceptions, the first batch of Kopfchens I got were somewhat on the scrappy side – tail end of a stock I think. So much so that I quickly labelled them one of the ugliest thundereggs in the world!  But I was very pleased to get a second chance with them just today. Of course, they are still almost always EXTREMELY rough and a deeply flawed thunderegg – they must have been through some dramatic stress even by the standards of German stones to end up quite this beat up. I suppose if you can’t stand cracks you won’t stand Kopfchens – but hey, I think they have an aesthetic and a character and a lot of nice colours to them, so maybe not so ugly now, right?

There will be more of these as I slowly polish through the stock – and yes, some will be for sale or swap.


Two Detail Shots

Just to keep you going through the quiet times, here are two thunderegg detail shots – zooming close in to the amazing worlds of these rocks.



The first is a true storm from a Greek Lesbos thunderegg, looking like the wrath of god.

Thunderegg12 copy

The second is a detail of my seemingly quite simple Redwing thunderegg.  Burning bushes, coral sea, coastal sediment from a river – whatever it is, it seems to be glowing!

I hope to get more of these – maybe even make a special gallery of them one day!  

Now THAT’s how to pack a rock!

Now THAT’s how to pack a rock! Genius! And a nice stroke in the war against the great enemy (newspaper) . . .

Now that's how to pack a rock!



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