Three striking new Australian locations have been added to the gallery now – including some extraordinary beauties from Yandina (North Arm).  For me, these are easily one of the most beautiful Australian thundereggs of all – a truly stunning gentle and colourful aesthetic, often with inclusions.  Because they are so lovely, here are ALL THREE of them!

Next up is Couchy Creek.  This is a rare Australian location characterised by an extremely soft matrix, almost the consistency of chalk. The cores are usually pale grey-brown agate and crystal, sometimes with complex inclusions. For polishing, consolidation with glue/resin may be advisable. Below you can see a consolidated specimen (first) and an unconsolidated one showing visible wear. Please note though that the unconsolidated one has been ground into a smooth round shape!

And finally a real curiosity.  Hummick Creek is an unusual location that is usually a mudball or very close – but still highly distinctive and really beautiful. They have a pale subtle matrix usually in concentric circles, and often marked with flaws.

Look out for more Australian stones soon.  There’s still plenty to go!