Succor CReek thunderegg - Seascape

Succor Creek thunderegg – Seascape

Finally polishing a few new specimens from Succor Creek has given me the chance to tidy up the page a little, booting out several specimens and uploading a clutch more.  This is a location I have not paid a huge amount of attention to in the past, something I am starting to rethink after getting some new specimens.  Especially after encountering the seascape specimen above – which seems a very good representation of the stormy North Sea. Like killer Green, these eggs seem to stick to their formula quite reliably, so when something else comes along, it tends to stand out.  Here, for instance is a specimen with yellowish agate. Succorcreek06One thing that makes the Succor Creek stones into something exceptional is their snowflake dendrites, which are very common here and often provide that touch that makes an egg into something amazing. Succorcreek08Succorcreek08detailI hope to get the chance to expand my gallery of these in the future and will definitely be keeping an eye on them.  Click here to see the gallery.