Teufelskanzel11No question, Teufelskanzel Thundereggs (Devil’s Pulpit) are one of the most spectacular German stones out there – black stormy agate sometimes shot through with blood red.  They are like metaphorical stormclouds – hurricanes of the soul.  Or indeed, the swirling horror-book styles of the devil.  Stones you almost expect to see move like a time-lapse image of a cloud or the stormy surface of an alien planet.  It’s rare to find them in any quality though – but I have been hunting hard for these, and here are some new specimens that truly live up to the name Teufelskanzel!  The above one in one of my most precious thundereggs – a larger and unusually complete and finely formed specimen – the red eye of the storm without a doubt.

Teufelskanzel07This was the specimen that first got me to apply the nickname Heart of Darkness – because it truly is.  A chaos of black and grey – the symbolic evil that lurks at the heart of the human race, frozen in a stone that novels could be written about.

Teufelskanzel08A little light relief among the Devil’s Pulpits – and quickly nicknamed “The Drip” for it’s curious shape.  I tried for a while to sell this one unpolished, but no takers.  So i polished it and it’s MINE now.  A quirky strange little stone that i love.

Teufelskanzel10And lastly another example of colour in a Teufelskanzel – a deep rich brown, spiced with the classic blood red.  This is an example of just how fine the agate here can become on occasion.  A complex and beautiful pattern.

I have recently been lucky enough to secure a large new stock of these, currently on their way to me.  So there will be many more voyages into the heart of darkness in the future – and many more for sale . . .

See more on the gallery here: http://www.thundereggs.co.uk/germany/index_Teufelskanzel.html