thunderegg359smI like to keep a regular scattering of american stones in my posts here since I KNOW that is what a lot of people want to see.  Fortunately, there seems no end of new locations from the continent.  This is actually a bit more than ‘just’ a new location though because it is one I have been looking for for a very long time.  Radium Springs – as american a name as you could expect to find, and coming from somewhere north east of Deming, New mexico.  These tend to be large, and the above specimen is about 7 inches.  They also tend to be thin and compressed, a little bit like the larger St Egedien stones.  In the above case it has been cut across the wide plane, revealing as much core as possible, and explaining the stone’s pronounced roundness.  The agate is usually quite simple, sometimes with swirling reds and purples.  The above specimen is largely free from bands though, creating an almost otherworldly looking core with an extraordinary ghostly violet colour.  The beauty is in the details, watching the rough matrix fade down into the depths . . . so look at it large size!  There are some tiny dentrites/snowflakes on the left and the hefty intrusion of black mineral is manganese (not radium!).