One of the more prominent lacunae in the Eibonvale gallery has now been filled, thanks to the addition of a nice specimen from Mount Tuzo, Canada.  I have always had trouble with Canadian stones for some reason.  For a long time it was only represented by a few miserable specimens and donated images.  But now, I am finally managing to build things up a bit.  Nice Mt Lyall and Black Dome specimens came along, and now the last of the Canadian ‘big three’, a Mount Tuzo.

This specimen has a nice simple core of banded grey agate with only a few flaws.  There’s also a sprinkling of metallic reflective crystals around the boundary of the core.  I am guessing those are pyrites.  The matrix of this thunderegg was also one of the hardest I have ever had to work with – hard as in rock strength, not hard as in difficult.  It took  great shine in the end.

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