Fiery Rotterode

This is a larger thunderegg from the Rotterode area, from the geology sometimes known under the name Koppenstein. This is good agate for the location since it is extremely prone to flaws, which are only more apparent because it is one of the few Thuringia locations where the agate is translucent. The formula of gently coloured agate and deep purple matrix is a special one that I’ve always had a soft spot for.

More Rotterode: Koppenstein thundereggs here:



Josephine – an absolute flaming nuisance of a bed … with very pretty results! These tiny eggs are a menace to cut, being very fragile. But every so often I manage to get a specimen out of my small stock. They are a striking opal location, sometimes even containing precious opal, and the colours are delightful. This little fellow is just over 3cm across.

Yadrino Thunderegg from Russia

All Russian thundereggs are super-rare – and this location has what may be one of the most beautiful matrix. The blend of light blue and green is stunning. This is only the second such specimen I have ever seen. Yadrino is an area in the Amur Oblast.

The Complexity of Zwickau Planitz Thundereggs

A few new Zwickau Planitz Thundereggs from Germany, including some with a liiiittle bit of purple amethyst crystal adding seasoning to very complex cores. This is still a favourite location, with deep dark greens predominating like a dream of dense and slightly corrupted forests. Not so much glorious agate-worlds as deep and dense and strange mini-universes.

Priday Plume Bed Thundereggs

I polished some Priday Plume Bed thundereggs today to cheer myself up. It’s not for nothing that these are known for having some of the most remarkable formations in the thunderegg world – flower gardens, moss beds, rock pools … plume agate is amazing!

White Fir Springs Agate Bed

A large specimen from here that has been hanging around for far too long before I got round to imaging it. There’s some slight tilt going on here.

A Hohenstein Ernstthal Update

They may be one of the commoner locations on the market but they stand out as one of the finest in Germany, if not the world. Somewhat similar to the St Egidiens, they can form somewhat elongated shapes and the cores can contain beautiful agate. However, they can also be very complicated indeed and contain a wide range of structures and materials. They are highly prone to silicified mud in vivid colours, but also they are one of the few German locations to truly produce moss, and even plume. And when lucky, the quality can easily rival anything from Richardson ranch. All these features and the vivid colours make them something extraordinary and a world-class thunderegg.

A lot of these have passed through my hands at various points, so it was high time for an update that shows off some of these features.

Click here for the full gallery:

New Mexican Location: Del Sur, San Louis Portilla

Mexico can be a chaotic place in terms of IDs – many thundereggs can be vaguely identified or not identified at all.  So it is always interesting when a new location turns up.  These Del Sur specimens have a somewhat unfamiliar look for Mexico as well, with a very smooth matrix and simple agate.


German Specimens from My Personal Collection

I have been sorting out my vast stock of rocks recently, aiming to sell off a lot of them and get back some kind of control of things.  I have been selling liberally over on the Thunderegg Shop Facebook Group – but this has also been a chance to look through all my specimens that are not yet on the gallery and decide which ones I would keep.  And then finally upload them!  These are the ones that really caught me, including some very unusual locations and some nice specimens of more familiar ones.  Below are some of my favourite ones.

See the whole German gallery here:


Wieda Thunderegg – A Crisp Specimen From a Rare Location


Altersbach – Rarish Location Known for it’s Flaming Hydrothermal Agate.


Nesselhof Thunderegg – Candycane!


Nesselhof thunderegg – Deep Red


Drusenborn Thunderegg – Rarely Seen Solid Agate


Querbitzsch – a Beautiful Specimen of the White Ghosts of the Kaolin Mines


Waldeneck – The Classic Baden Baden Location


Gröppendorf – The ‘Other’ White Ghost of the Kaolin Mines




Hölle (Gehlberg) – one of the Quiet Relatives of the Famous Felsenschlag.


Oberhof – a Rare New Location from an Urban Building Site!


Spießberg ‘Rote Linie’ – an Unnamed Location in an area that is Being Revealed as Surprisingly Diverse.




New German Curiosities and Locations


Hirschfeld Gravel Pit Thunderegg with a Geology from the Mügeln Area


Hirschfeld Gravel Pit – a Somewhat Less Familiar Geology


A mystery thunderegg from the Zeithin Gravel Pit, because although we know where it was found, the geology that it originated from remains completely different from all known sources, in spite of various enquiries. One of the mysteries of the gravel pits that make them so interesting.


A rare complete specimen from Ochsendrehe, Saxony


Sermuth thunderegg – a very unusual new location from Saxony, Germany.